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Award Nomination: Experts in domain of sports and Technology can apply.

Awards Nomination

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There  will be  award sessions in the conference

  1. Best sports organizer
  2. Outstanding physical Education professors
  3. Best Physical Education Teachers
  4. Best coaches
  5. Best Sports management experts
  6. Best Sports Administrators
  7.  Best Sports philanthropist

2. Institutions ‐‐

  1. Best Sports facilities
  2. Best Sports participation
  3. Best Sports organizations
  4. Best Sports achievement
  5. Best Sports promotion like giving sports quota to sports  student, Promoting good teams, Providing free boarding and lodging to  sports persons etc


Submitting online:

You can register your nomination by clicking here

Payment online:

Payment must be made online by clicking here

Fees: Individual Rs.25,000 and for Institution Rs.50,000